Tourism and Development in Cambodia

Tourism has exactly potential role in contributing to development in Cambodia as in forecast, Cambodia hopefully receives approximately 4.5 million international tourists in 2015, and approximately 7 million in 2020 ( Speech of the minister of the MoT, 29 march 2012 )

Cambodia has two UNESCO World heritage sites, Angkor wat in Siem Reap province and Temple of Preah Vihear in Preah Vihear province, as well as more than 800 temples. The government is looking to leverage these sites to promote ecotourism. Day and night tours provide different perspective to tourist and it is anticipated that more than one half of incoming tourists could be encouraged to visit the sites. Promoting ecotourism helps to grow tourism in a sustainable way and to minimize the damage to natural resources and heritage sites.

Cambodia is one of the fastest growing tourism markets in Southeast Asia. The number of arrivals increase strongly over the review period, with the number of trips almost doubling. Tourism generated high revenue which boosted GDP and the employment rate. Therefore,the government will continue to promote tourism and assist visitors. It also plans to develop new tourist destinations as many areas of the country remain undiscovered.

However, to retain more revenue from this sector in the country and to contribute in poverty reduction, several appropriate measures to create closer connection between tourism & the poor and to minimize the leakage are necessary.

Therefore, further researches in field to generate primary data are also necessary om:

  1. 1. Defining and possible connections the poor people in Cambodia can benefit from growth of tourism in this country.

  2. 2. Defining any potential local enterprises which can be developed to compete the importing goods for this sector.

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